Nannies & Governesses

Nanies & governesses

Nannies are carefully recruited, having a lot of experience, and they take care of your child when you are in the office, on holiday or when you want to go to a birthday party and you have no babysitter for that night. Nannies usually take care of preparing the baby’s food , cleaning his/ her room, they also play with the child and follow the parents’ directions precisely

You can choose from a babysitter who can spend 4 – 10 hours a day with your child, for five or seven days a week, or an internal one permanently living with you.

The governesses take care of the child’s education. They are persons with a bachelor’s degree, they know how to speak foreign languages and take great care of the child’s behavior. A governess can work between 2 – 8 hours per day

After school or kindergarten educational program, your child benefiting from the best teachers / instructors at home.

The offered programs:

  •     foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic;
  •     instructors: chess, dance, drama, painting, music (piano, violin).

Service payment

The interview fee is 100 Ron or 150 Ron, if the interview will be at the customer’s residence, prices do not include VAT. At the interview there will be present at least three nannies selected from our database according to your specifications. After having chosen your nanny, you have to pay a commission which represents the value of the first salary established for her. In exchange for this commission we offer you a 2 (two) month trial, a period during which you can change the nanny if you can’t get along with her, without any other additional commission.

But if you overpass the trial period and you want another selection to be organized for you, then you will have to pay a new commission and a new interview fee.

The salary differs depending on the program, responsibilities, experience, age, residence, and varies between min. 500 RON – max. 2500 RON / month.

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