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Using the CLEANING & BABYSITTING RO services represents an advantage for you from a financial point of view because it is less expensive in comparison to a nursing/ retirement home. Moreover, the old person or the sick person benefits from the comfort of his/ her own home.

CLEANING & BABYSITTING RO offers a fixed term and indefinite following staff:

  • Nurses;
  • Company staff;
  • Counselors.

Patient surveillance can be performed: at home (in their own home) or in the hospital. The program ranges from 2, 4, 8 or 12 h per day, or it is on internship basis: this implies separate accommodation, the surveillance being done permanently.
We also have medical advisers with which we occasionally consult regarding the different requests of our clients.
We try to offer solutions to any type of our clients’ requests, regardless of their financial possibilities, health condition or home area.

Service payment:
The interview fee is 100 Ron or 150 Ron, if the interview will be at the customer’s residence, prices do not include VAT. At the interview there will be presented at least three nurses selected from our database according to your instuctions.

After having chosen the favorite person you must pay a commission consisting of the value of the first salary established at the interview. In exchange for this commission you will be offered a trial period of 2 (two) months, during which you can replace the person without any extra charge.

But if you exceed the trial period and you want another selection to be organized, you will have to pay a new commission and a new interview fee. Salary differs depending on the program, responsibilities, experience, age, residence, and varies between min. 500 RON – max. 2500 RON / month. Prices do not include VAT.

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