Cleanning - House & office

We provide the necessary detergents/ equipments/ supplies:

  • the detergents are biodegradable (they are manufactured on demand, their composition being suitable for the beneficiary’s scope, especially when it comes to food industry);
  • tools: brooms, dustpans, buckets, mops, cloths, disposable bags etc;
  • we use professional Nilkfish vacuum cleaners: normal ones/ with pads for rubbing the floors (ceramics, marble, tiles etc)
  • the supplies that we can provide are very varied: five types of toilet paper, kitchen paper towels and toilet paper, bath towels made out of cellulose.


  • each client benefits from 1-2 supervisors who check the quality of the service;
  • replaces the staff within maximum 4 h in case of motivated absence of an employee;
  • delivers the goods;
  • checks the stock of products.


  • we have 8 year experience in the field of cleaning;
  • we can offer recommendations / referrals on request;
  • we work with top clients;
  • we are a pro-active team for which every client has the utmost importance.

Cleaning after the constructor

Immediately after finishing the construction activities, the cleaning work is inevitable. Our team can come to help you, offering you professional cleaning services:

  • cleaning and throwing away the debris and the remaining paint from the windows, frames, doors or the other surfaces;
  • vacuuming, cleaning and polishing the floors;
  • cleaning the plugs, switches, and the plinths;
  • interior and exterior cleaning of the windows, ledges and window casements – there where access is possible;
  • dusting and cleaning the doors.

Price: 15RON/mp(+VAT)

General cleaning is done monthly or on request:

  • Ventilating the rooms;
  • Removing the cobwebs;
  • Dusting the places where access is possible;
  • Cleaning the office equipment (telephone, fax, computer, copier, etc..) and the cables;
  • Washing the windows where access is possible (up to 2 m height) and the associated internal and external casement etc;
  • Cleaning the heaters/ air ovens;
  • Cleaning the switches, the plugs, the plinths and the illuminating bodies;
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the carpets, the rugs and the upholstery cover/ leather, cleaning the toilets;
  • Cleaning the kitchen (washing the tiles etc);
  • Emptying the indoor trash cans, changing the trash bags, collecting the garbage and putting it in special places;
  • Curatarea bucatariei ( spalarea faiantei, gresiei);
  • Washing and cleaning the surfaces, the floors: tiles, marble, mosaic, parquet, linoleum.

Price: 12RON/mp(+VAT)

Maintenance cleaning

  • Ventilating the interior spaces;
  • Dusting the furniture and removing the cobwebs – if any;
  • Dusting and polishing the furniture and its annexes;
  • Vacuuming and washing the uncovered floors;
  • Vacuuming the carpets;
  • Replacing the trash bags and putting them into spaces especially set for them;
  • Washing the dishes;
  • The exterior cleaning of the household objects and appliances;
  • Leaning the toilets and the kitchen.

Price: 2RON/mp(+VAT)

Cleaning after the parties:

  • Ventilating the rooms;
  • Collecting the dishes and cutlery, washing and wiping it;
  • Collecting the left-overs and throwing away the garbage;
  • Vacuuming and washing the carpets and the rugs;
  • Washing the floors;
  • Dusting the equipment and the furniture;
  • Cleaning the toilets and the kitchen etc

Price: 12RON/mp(+VAT)

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